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my hammer is thirty two ounces
blue handle dark throat
big head without
the waffle grid
and will fly out of my hand
if my hand gets too sweaty

5 Jul 04

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I love it.
 — pennylane

what's sick about my Estwing framing hammer?
 — hank

 — unknown

 — unknown

is this about a dick?
 — unknown

thirty-two ouces eh, hank? i'm lovin' it;)
 — unknown

and thirty-two ounces too
 — unknown

you best be careful when your going for it hammer (and tong).  

 — unknown

don't say my hand two lines running - otherwise made me laugh!
 — kalika

what the hawaiian said.
 — gnormal

Gees, you are humorous in the good, clean, joyful sense! Thank you for a smirk and a cue I needed. (C)
 — unknown

haha...I'm embarrassed to say I had to read the comments to get the true meaning of this poem.
I guess i'm too innocent/naive/stupid

nice one- hope you had fun doing it by yourself
 — mr_e

Clueless!  (Is it about a dick???)
 — unknown

The poem is hard to get, i mean its really literal...so if your really talking about a hammer thats intresting..if your not, then i guess i need help understanding it..(i do kind of like it though)
 — boyboy

haha, very nice
 — adiscodancer

i like your work.
 — aerol

I'd love to see a "Toolbox Poem" anthology.

h's unkn
 — unknown