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Is it plagiarism

If I knock h the bedsheets off
Prance about the room
Study the floor creep
And look at the dishes on the desk?
Is it art if I ask question In poem
In its ear,   tickle the hair o
If my words are like centipedes?
stroll, hole, beggar
running you through with a pram hand- centipede lead,
could you see the real me?  
baby fist and eulogy for the next pablo,
ring finger- the next hollow on a bridge where
the wind is little.
i couldn't fuck the cancer from her
but i smoked her
and took her into me and become a
on the side , Sunday is like roast
on the side of the road. an eye hovering over listlessness
watching for people talking
and nodding at the larger thing
i cannot see.

6 Jun 18

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tickle the hairo o
if i knock h the bedsheets off

is o and h  oh as in gosh
 — unknown

Sorry. Lunchtime rubbish. Will redo later
 — DeformedLion

thanks for the update. like, the first word-friend group is pretty cool. i see this  stick figure nude prancing to some in-head house music.

the second word-friend group is good too. i see this dude actuated in space by having to look at the floor, then look for other planes, seeing his desk -- the remains of old time, dirty used stuff, actuating him into time and place and obligations deferred...?

word-friend group three is a parody of some non-native english writers here. me think so it.

word-friend four is so strong and it needs to find a poem.
 — cadmium

4 look for the dishes on the washing board
 — unknown

centipedes are significant.  but what is this carp?
 — jenakajoffer

lazy writting
 — DeformedLion