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Of course she's not dead.
Laid in a state of grace,
resting before she's called
back among us all.
A little paler perhaps
hands resting on her lap.
Breathing or breathless?
Among this slow passage of time
we hold our own.
Impossible to fathom
if or when she left.

8 Jun 18

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what historical personage inspired you?
 — rivergood

None in the historical sense rivergood. The poem is about the passing away of my mother last Christmas Eve.
 — larrylark

my condolences for your loss
 — rivergood

Thank you riverdance. We had been expecting it for a while as she was 95 and had Parkinson'd Disease and it is a tribute to her fighting spirit that she survived so long but it still comes as a hell of a shock and takes you to places that you thought had been left behind. So many memories suddenly come flooding back.
 — larrylark