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Kenny Salad

I don’t know if your hair smells like grass
or if your kiss tastes like lemons,
but you’re all vine, crawling your way up my leg
silky neck, disheveled shirt
your voice knocking between my lobes
at four in the morning.
my tongue curls when your smile begins
and I want to lick your teeth from one side
to the other, make your heart wilt
sink my fingers into your flesh and toss you
sun on your back.
is cheese too expensive for this poem?
'cuz I could crawl in the hollow of your arms,
squeeze you to a pulp and watch bees
burst from your chest as I ladle you with honey
but, is it too early for dessert?
love is so much harder now,
fragile, like old seeds beneath the ground
aching to be watered
yearning, but with so much more to lose.
is it too soon to call you baby?
I know what I like
and I’m bad at taking it slow,
will you forgive me if I use the wrong fork?

10 Jun 18

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visceral poem
 — unknown

what extraordinary taste buds you  have grass and lemon
 — unknown

thanks, i do have extraordinary tastes.  have you ever had a kenny salad?  
me either, but I think it's going to be delicious. :)
 — jenakajoffer

You make everything sound delicious Jenny :)
 — unknown

will there be croutons
what about figs
 — unknown

love it.kind of romantic comedy yet it’s vulnerable and sexy all at once. =-)
 — hue

I prefer a hunters salad  charcoaled chicken  broccoli and tomatoes. All it needed was an avadaco
 — rivergood

A Hunter’s salad you say? I’d expect a partridge in there somewhere...
 — jenakajoffer