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fuck butterflies I had squirrels in there
twitching their tails whenever I thought of him
he got in my head before he got in my skin
he was holy wars and heavy-metal flowers
I was climbing the fence with a silent f
I was soft-mosh and wanting
he got in my heart before he got in my pants
he’d been hard for days, he had snakes in there
he was taller than I imagined, not that I was concerned
I was curious how his mouth tasted
and he gave it to me quick, all mint-leaves and nerves
he lifted me in his arms
said he could throw me around in bed
not sure if that’s a bad thing but he coiled me
tight like a python and I liked feeling breathless
weightless as I nuzzled in the slope of his neck
we over-dressed for the weather
it was forty degrees in jeans, you could melt candy
on the asphalt, I’d been wet for days
we burned up in the sun
he gave me his arms, his lips his chest
we had an audience in the branches
we had ferris wheels and beer
the shiny forehead of sky dripping with sweat
I blew smoke in his face, slipped into a dress
we were lovers in the park
I had bug spray, I wanted to sleep under the stars
there were only two clouds, one sky
and his shoulders, those chiseled hills
I wanted to climb

19 Jun 18

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really nice read. i hear it spoken, with rhythm and kind of fast. it's like a contrast poem... "he was tall and oblique, but he wanted a ride", but this one keeps adding teaxtures and it's nice to watch.

good writing.
 — cadmium

nice, jen. i didn't catch this as your work at all.
 — cadmium

thanks for reading, mike.
 — jenakajoffer

I want to keep reading, is there more?
So sensual and raw yet layered with emotion.
Your writing inspires,
nice to see you writing jj ;)
 — unknown

I like how 'we' becomes a motif and the repetition bangs into you every chance it gets
 — DeformedLion

hehe, bangs...

thanks linus, yes i think 'we' turned out quite nice, like a fig-leaf.
 — jenakajoffer

love line 1
 — unknown

beautiful jen,
your poetry always makes me feel what your expressing, your voice, so authentic.
missed you. x
 — hue

Thanks unk, me too :)

Nice to see you’re still popping around, hue. Thanks for the nice comment.
 — jenakajoffer

nice sonics
 — rivergood