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Blue Samadhi Selves

As they slowly pass into nothingness
From whose holy writ
Do these cloud forms speak?
Whose vaulted scroll?
For who is cogent
In their azure speech?
And then, at last, it silently occurred—
(That empty space I never thought to see!)
When I saw these
Things so dear to me
Transformed into their blue samadhi selves!

27 Jun 18

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wonderful piece, very textured and rich in feeling.

one thing, i like the capitalization of line-starts in this. people in the past have been scorned for using the traditional capping and that's not right. a poem is its own form and grammar.

also, i like the syllable count very much. it builds a very strong poem architecture, building the strong line then shortening or lengthening the count to control the reader's breathing. which is what a poem does... a kind of yoga of mind and body.  
 — cadmium

also, this has a feeling of dhrupad. i could hear the elder Dagar brothers singing it.
 — cadmium

  Just googled dhrupad...  I always learn something new from you Cadmium. Thankyou
 — pound809

samadhi is the highest state of meditation
 — unknown