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Filing up on Nature

While hiking in the woods,
I enjoyed all nature had to offer.
I passed giant oaks, tall maples,
dark walnuts and white ash too,
big breasted robins, brown sparrows,
red cardinals, speckled warblers
wild flowers, clovers, ferns
and a hibiscus or two.
I found squirrels, chipmunks,
lizards, salamanders and snakes,
it felt planned 'or my sake.
Then I came across an unexpected
treat, a tiny spring, a watering hole,
parched from my trek, I knelt down,
scooped some with my cupped hands
and drank until-

10 Jul 18

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all of the people in the hood dyed
 — percocet

a stranger filled u up
 — percocet

feels a little runonish to me, overall a very good effort
 — unknown