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ghost boi

it's not my fault
he put a fire in my heavy
metal heart, he sent me a picture
wearing a high visibility vest
he wore a hardhat he was smiling
he said that's what I do to him
he was neon in the yard
it was only sunrise, his hands
were reaching he was
already dirty
he was beaming at the bottom
of the quarry, I wanted to
throw him down in the dirt
he said things
he said nice things to me
he was boyish
like a boy
he wanted to play games with me
he wanted to hopscotch
to the moon with me backward
he said let’s summon demons
my demons in the bedroom
I said when
he said oui
I said yes yes
he said you are
a  d  o  r  a  b  l  e
he was hard
hard to resist, I dismissed it
he was persistent
I showed him my hands
the hands reaching
out of the flames
it's not that he said things
that he said nice things to me
it's not that I was a girl
in love with a boy, a boy who
did nice things for me
it's that I was coming
I was coming out at the seams
I was on fire, I panicked
there were ants crawling out
he didn't say a thing
he left me burning, my heart
was hurting he knew
he knew just how to ruin me
and I found it obvious
it was obvious to me
it was obvious he was into me.

13 Jul 18

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fire in my beevy. Is this Cadmium with his spam account
 — unknown

I’m still polishing but I’m almost outta spit.
 — jenakajoffer

some nice moves in this, nice rhythms and images.
 — cadmium

thanks mike, <3
 — jenakajoffer

needs a bump.
 — cadmium

 — cadmium