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Of all the women to implore my sight,
Yours is not the face of flawless serenity.
It's not like the down that wades gently
Through a pillow’s thread, fair and light
And eager to probe a cheek.
Yet it’s similar to silk in that
It doesn't reject the creases and folds,
Cut and carved canyons,
Like the ones below your eyes.
Your tired eyes.
Your brown eyes.
Eyes that mimic a dark roast.
The kind that graciously fills a cup
In morning light.
Coincidentally my favorite time to see you.
When sleepy light shines down
Emphasizing the dips and divots
Of your lips, illuminating their shape.
But I will not condemn the sun
For the kisses that it takes,
Given the chance to lurk upon your lips,
To linger tender and whole
Below your exhaled breath,
I too, would grab it,
And hold it.
The way your face holds me.
With those eyes.
Those brown eyes.

31 Jul 18

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I very much enjoyed your poem, i think you have some beautiful imagery and romantic notions set to a soft almost, lullaby.  a tiny bit of polish maybe, to (lines 22, 23, 24)..and i think you mean "dawn" in line 3?  i do love 19-21 (though could it say 'for its stolen kisses'/to linger tenderly above your breath/i too, would take it"...just my thoughts. it's your poem :)
great job, thanks for sharing.
 — jenakajoffer

Very romantic poem
 — rivergood

5 eyes is tear inducing lol
 — unknown

A poem when you are watching your beloved waking up.
I like the metaphor compares her brown eyes to a cup of morning coffee (lines 11-14), reflects the desire to kiss and its refreshing effect.
 — Roc1Knight

its not like the dawn that wades gently
 — rivergood