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off the grid

we met in the car park, it was late
his truck was breaking down
he broke the bush in two hours
his truck was red his neck was
all ink, he was smooth
like engine grease
he glistened in the lamplight
shot a smile that shattered my teeth
his eyes were bright as fireflies
cool as dew in a leaf-cup
i wanted to drink him
under the stars
the way he held my chin
slightly tilted between his
thumb and forefinger
the way he lowered my bottom lip
i thought i knew what i liked
my mouth is still open, wet
like a jungle cat
like when he first kissed me
he put ice cream in there
he held me steady, licked me clean
under moonlight
i snuck my fingers in
his holes in the holes
of his shirt
he liked it
his belly trembled
i put birds in there
he smelled like lemons
i wanted sawdust
i was awestruck
i was buried in a nest of soft
sticks i thought i knew
what i wanted
he was a simple man
he wore a helmet
pressed it against me
he listened to my breath
put my heart in a jar
said i'm the only fancy
he needs
i curled up to him
like dirty laundry, i wanted to
strip him down to the wit
there was no other way to be
so i gave him a snail
put pepper on his pillow
and woke up with salt
it just happened that way
he showed me what i want.

1 Aug 18

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A raunchy routine
 — unknown

you think so?
 — jenakajoffer

not sure what holes you are referring  to holes  in his  shirt or otherwise  lol
 — unknown

the holes in his shirt, but it's open for interpretation lol.
thanks, i may rethink that....
 — jenakajoffer

still at it... good

some lines are certainly redeemable

what we put in, what we take out

how we live

and never forget, hope-ful

i'd love to see you push more boundaries


some-one is calling

 — OldShoe

oh hi old sock! wow nice to see you around here.

yes i could definitely push more boundaries, and i believe i do, just not in this one.
i'll see what i've got for next time :)

thanks for reading my tame ordinary, xo
 — jenakajoffer