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he used to meow
scratch my legs
now he insists onto
my lap and purrs
nestling neck
just enough to
mute strings.

2 Aug 18

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l8 mute strings  dont get that
 — unknown

unk, you can read this, i think, on two levels. the one, where it's a kitty and you're a human and there's a connection, where your anxieties and all are muted by the kitty.

the other is to read this as an allegory, where the cat is actually a guitar, and the text is a picture of how the guitar used to be to the author, before it was tamed through practice and experience -- hence, too, the 'guitar' would be a symbol of life and living.

one says that poetry is 'subjective', but it's still up to the reader's experience with poetry for the poem to work at all.  
 — cadmium

thanks Cadmium  for your clarification
 — unknown

thanks Cadmium for your clarification
 — unknown

dear unk
cadmium's reading of this is very interesting.
As the author, though, I have to admit that i'm just writing about a cat that gets completely pissed off by his "master's" guitar playing. :(
 — unknown

thought so, but i wanted to show that imagination is always more real than reality.  i agree that 'mute strings' is obscure though. and that's what i improvised my interpretation off of.

you have to remember that the reader can't read your facial expressions as they read your poem. that you have to use writing tricks and poetry tricks to bend the reader's dull reading habits into reading poetry.
 — cadmium