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when i was a lab-mouse
in the house of lords,
i guess i ate cake. they'd feed
me like a plant, but
show a picture of betty crocker,
life was fine.
the fourth reich's
about the same,
but we got more sugar.
language? the
first palabber talk? gracie
tells of a mother to be,
the father's from holland.
says the woman's
learning dutch
so's she can understand
the baby when
it gets born.

8 Aug 18

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inverted progression from word-jokes to position humor. 'gracie' is gracie allen. joke is from the film 'international house', 1933.
 — cadmium

when i was an ant
on top of Mount Sinai
 — unknown

hadda' aunt at mt. sinai. brain surgeon. replaced mine with a can of navy beans. now all's i want to do is smoke rope.
 — cadmium