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Thou shalt not steal

the wall
the clock
the ceiling
the mirror
all have become you
you even stole the sun
and now everyone this morning
but you
looks diseased
Missionary girl
sunday school
has enough hypocrites
and one god or trinity
is not enough
tell your pastor
you've  turned me Hindu
and don't call me anymore
i'll be at your shrines
in the temple, my living room
worshipping your reincarnations
placing flowers
at your feet.

Thou shalt not worship false idols

3 Sep 18

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One God Jewish or Trinity Christian ?  
 — unknown

nice rewrite. seems more real.
 — cadmium

Let me be real, please.
 — unknown

you want to be real as a sex toy or as a creative person finding your actual way in the world through writing? just sitting and feeling 'real' while you're being kept as a pet isn't going to 'real' you. write and re-write to find your history as it was for you, not as you twisted your emotions to be pliable, back then, for everyone else.
 — cadmium

Uggh, your living room....it’s so good it kills me
 — Seventeen