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dead bird

ignore me.
i am a dead bird
or rotten fish
forgotten blanket or plastic debris.
ignore me.
i was not supposed to be here.
nor were you supposed to see me.
it was an accidental instagram click
and you were drinking coffee or texting
before being rudely interrupted.
ignore me.
the tide refused to hide me
the sand refused to bury me
the camera refused to blur me
the government ran out of body bags.
ignore me.
there will be no laws passed
or protests in my name.
there will be more worthy tragedies
that will replace me
a mass shooting, earthquake, instant flood.
ignore me.
i am the beggar, the mute, the sick
the poor, the silence, the lie, the secret
the unanswerable, the futile, the illogical
the singular, one in a million
the evidence
the proof
there is no god.


9 Sep 18

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from the seafront café
and the smell of garlic
 — unknown

more commas are needed in this  beggar, the mute the sick
 — unknown

I've never seen grandiosity come so clean, or invert...however you want to frame it.
 — Infrangible

 — unknown

Tweet tweet
 — unknown

 — unknown