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Being at the Death of My Mum (no title yet)

A new day breaks from ebony slumbers hold, golden strands of warmth dance through the cold, an uncertainty in the air shrouds the amber dawn, Snow White wings will unfurl this morn. Ash blue glints from fading eyes, dew drops fall silently in the last sunrise, breaths of winter on a summers day, whisper as life fades away. Autumn falls in coloured splendour, in to the light you now surrender, but you’re a garden always in bloom, an ethereal light from whom, from whom a pure love was born, as we kiss goodbye to this summers morn.

11 Sep 18

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Nice.  A bit cliche in places but sometimes that is love.  Xx pure love
 — unknown

Awash with imagery  beautifully written
 — Rossant

I can so relate to this piece. My mother passed away last Christmas Eve and i stayed by her bed till Christmas morning. I still don't fully understand why i did that but i am glad i did. My big regret is not being able to reach her side before she passed away. Beautiful and heart felt.

Larry Lark
 — larrylark

Thank you all! It just wanted to do her passing some justice, it was a the darkest day of my life and a sudden end to hers. I did not leave her side for 4 weeks and watched her slip further and further away. Larry, you have my condolences and hope you are healing. Thank you again.
 — wintersun