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was it a bull head or a chihuahua?

When it happens you’ll know
There won’t be any uterine metaphors
or small animals
There will only be us.
I’ll give you everything
and you can do anything
Telepathy not required
I’ll tell you what I want
It won’t be quiet and it won’t be gentle
You’ve made me beg and I’ll make you pay
And yes, I will moan
And tremble
And sweat
And you’ll stop making jokes

12 Sep 18

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Enjoyed this; still pondering parts, but I think I get the gist, last line worked for me.
 — unknown

Hurricane flo has hit the shores.  The stormy surge was 16 feet.  No joke.
 — unknown

Was a crime committed? PETA wants to know.
 — unknown

I think the title is too vague, but this seems well captured otherwise.
 — unknown