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Something about stopping
at an intersection in middle America
at 4 am in the morning.  
Where uncertainty has been
chased away by a church every three miles
and foreigners are never on the sidewalk
but hidden in their suvs and
tucked away mansions.
Where hypocrisy and sin
can hibernate for years
just from good manners,
knowing your place,
pastor says every cross road
is a choice or crucifix.  
Where the carnival of  traffic lights
Winn Dixie and McDonald’s
our time’s square
I can imagine are flashing all for me.
And North Korea or Russia
are on distant planets,
cannot distract me from
sympathizing with the destiny of
the odd stray or expressing wonder
at the pimple moon.
They could say this is
god’ s country.  
And I would believe them
every time the homeless man
crosses the road without looking
as if he was just crowned our
immortal King.

16 Sep 18

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"Where uncertainty has been
chased away by a church every three miles."

The above is witty and insightful.
 — unknown