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Goth Girls

She comes up avenue, strident walk,
black trench coat, brown boots.
Hair shaved, one side,
the rest stood straight.
Buff, a real aesthete of her kind.
Sunlight streamed through fine rain.
Her friend completely skinned.
Black lipstick, ears pinned.
Blurred tattoo stain side of nose
Even when walking she strikes a pose.
They burst into hedonistic song. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”
Did I imagine her eyes turned red?
I caught a line or two, something to reflect on.
But bats stayed in the belfry, no victims bled.
Then without warning a rainbow appeared.
Their smiles became miles wide,
as they wildly waved their arms instead.

17 Sep 18

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last line is a bit flat to the imagery elsewhere
 — unknown

1980 Poem   Larry Elusive Time Tube Lark
 — Rossant

Pink hair like the arms of a sea anemone;
smoke rings from her mouth
grow to the size of plates
before breaking up.
 — unknown

not written in english. not by english poet. would not matter, but too clunk... too much broken english. clunk clunk clunk. it means walks with broken foot. uses cripple words from english school book. it talk retard. you are not retard. i know you are smart.

poem talk like old woman. this poem walk slow it written not english. it wear nice hat. pretty picture say you. but, clothing is not goth. is old lady sell you newspaper. not good only hat is nice. need goth write poem.

get goth dude -- write like you feel, not like you pretend.
 — cadmium

"in the earliest tapes of his lectures, the voice is a russian impersonation of strangulated Oxford upper-class diction, all tight lips and clipped vowel sounds, unconsciously borowed from the beau ideal of the 1930's, his lifelong friend and rival, Maurice Bowra."
 — cadmium

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