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On that day it was just us
though the world continued
with all that it could hold.
Trembling we folded
into our selves
and no wonder felt greater.
Sky darkened to thunder
as clouds split along far horizons
illuminating our pathway
as we tumbled out of shadows
into a future
we would make our own.

1 Nov 18

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nice sentiment well rendered.  not to split hairs but I was thinking "our selves" should be 'ourselves', yes?
 — JKWeb

I think i was trying to show that even in the midst of deep emotional union we are on our own...whoops there's the cat ...wants to be let out to go on the rampage...hang on a mo...and the milk man still hasn't arrived....and that essentially whatever happens in life we come in and go out on our own, but i take your point and i am grateful for your comment and hopefully soon i'll be able to make a cup of tea.

Larry the curse of morning Lark
 — larrylark