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The white rook's sunlight
Its move brakes the star
into vine-shadow,
moth eaten ruin-bloom.
I found again, the bewitched dusk.
On the hillside,
iron train-track hobos.
I sleep on
stained iron rails to balance
my soil
spotted sleeping bag.
I have not found her
in the trivial.
Renee, she is the genius
the time only
a queen spider
can weave
between man and woman,
beast and animal,
we thought we could
never travel

12 Nov 18

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slight changes..
 — brother_sun

did you intend 'falters' in line 2?  also, maybe omit "iron" from 10 as the repetition of the word in such close proximity adds a speed bump methinks.  it's a tad cryptic but it is well-writ.
 — JKWeb

one last inquiry, and not to pick knits but is "again" at the end needed?  I kind of dig 23 being the last line.  jus' my 2 cents
 — JKWeb