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Look I am a Rainbow (written for my 10 year old with autism)

Look I am rainbow, so many colours from happy to sad,
Look I am a rainbow, calming through to mad.
Today I am slippery snake slithering trying to hide
Today I'm a baby elephant right next to mummies side.
I am confused at all the things I see and struggling to hold on
I am lost in my own thoughts you see and don't know what is wrong.
Look I am a rainbow beautiful and unique
Look I am a rainbow, one of a kind so to speak.
Today I'm a lively  monkey, I just Can't keep still
Today I'm a circus lion, I'm doing it for the thrill
You see me I am laughing, but sometimes I don't know why
You see me I am angry, confused and want to cry
Look I am a rainbow, I sing to my own song,
Look I am a rainbow, magnificent in the storm
Today I am dinosaur I am fierce and roaring loud
Today I am a timid mouse who's lost in an overwhelming crowd.
Don't think I'm being naughty, spoiled or being bad
Don't think I'm being horrid because really I am sad
Look I am rainbow I am lighting up dark skies
Look I am a rainbow and you'll see with your own eyes
The slippery snake and elephant who stands by mummies side,
The lively bouncy monkey and the lion filled with pride,
The dinosaur who's fierce and loud, the timid mouse lost in a crowd...
I am them and they are all me
I am the one who cannot see
A world in which I am the same
I have a very different brain
I still hurt, love, laugh and cry
I carry on and always try
Look I am a rainbow see, I am beautiful just
Being me.

14 Nov 18

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Heartfelt and lovely
 — larrylark

very enjoyable read
 — Rossant

Thank you very much for your comments!
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