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Mad Man's Shore Line

It's the oblique sea, driven by fierce wind,
that rarely blows from the north east.
Hardly a beast but it wrecked my plans.
Those grains of sand counted on,
now misplaced, out of my hands,
I scurry among breaking waves,
frantic, gesturing the way to go.
Tomorrow they'll flow the right way,
but i'll be home with my box of sand,
a botched job filled with imposters,
many arriving from distant lands
Those that escaped will barely shift,
sifting themselves through a mill pond sea.
Future castles, faithless grains,
waiting for their glory on coming summer days.

23 Nov 18

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Larry  almost a 1000 Lark
 — Rossant

Jesus Rossant I'm old but i aint that old.

Larry young well hung and always has a song to be sung. Lark
 — larrylark

faithless grains, I love that!
 — aforbing

Hio aforbing

I always try to go against the grain and there's a lot of it to go against.

Larry rough waters lark
 — larrylark