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Factory Inspection (1842)

"Where is the sky sir?"
"For never did i see such freely disposed  children
fly about their business  in great good humour.
There being no hint or rumour
of need for chastisement."
"But where is the sky sir?"
"Behind the high vaulted window,
where glass stained with grey dust
reflect the pale and muted flame of gas lamps
beneath a dark and sullen weight of cloud,
seamlessly stamped from horizon to horizon,
covering all extremities of this place like a shroud."

27 Nov 18

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Rough times superbly relived
 — Rossant

It was a hell of a tough childhood Rossant but i somehow struggled through it and blossomed into the total idiot i am now. Joking aside, thanks for the positive comment.

Larry times wer' 'ard Lark

p.s.I wasn't joking.
 — unknown