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To My Dog

who knew one day the kids would leave
and that my wife would die,
and at the end of everything
there’d just be you and I.
at sunset on the river trail
you slouch and lag behind,
an old tactic of delay of yours
to try to stretch the time.
I remember when I begged for time
to take a summer off,
I don’t think either one of us
wants to go back to that house.
I think I know your tricks old friend,
as well as you know mine,
a young couple with a golden lab
smile as they walk by.

1 Dec 18

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  Love the Non Nonchalant ending. Good Poem
 — CheBourdain7

Nicely done
 — Rossant

leave some space for frost you dead motherfucker
 — percocet

first of all, everyone knew the kids would leave.
 — percocet

in life everyone dies
 — percocet

no, more then u and i.
 — percocet

don't wrench out history, be aware of life and death.
 — percocet

she's dead homey
 — percocet

u can try to suck your own dick, or you can try to strive for greater things.
 — percocet

for her, or for not.
 — percocet

Beautifully done..so poignant.

Larry mans best friend Lark
 — larrylark