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a women steals my heart,
and she runs,
I do not chase her,
I go to work.
I work for years without my heart
She runs around holding my heart.
I continue my skill
she hates that I haven't spent
all of my time chasing her.
I leave my heart for value,
and she calls me a bitch.
I tell her, " I still love you."
She dances around with my heart
I tell her, " I care for you,"
She throws my heart to the dogs.
I hate her,
she begins to love me.
she is death to me,
And I just found out she
is a he.
I spent ten grand on a child
I cannot create.
plz love me
or don't.
so long as we can fuck me
society will work.
i'ma try to fuck you,
instead of me.
if u r dumb as fuck u will get got.
so I have no sympathy
because everyone knows.\
everyone knows,
u know, I know, we all know.
fuck that up
I am not angry
u fuck that up.

8 Dec 18

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