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A muse, a musician, a musical instrument

After watching a picture of a beautiful nude woman.

Over my windows there is a spot
full of light, wisdom and genius.
Whenever I look out or think of it,
great or novel vision goes into my eyes.
Now I walk near this place. What I see?
A Godness is dancing, and her charm, and the tempting flesh.
My heart beats as her drum when realized.
And so is the pulse of my temples, her cymbals.
She begins with a sigh like the wind puffs her long hair.
Her toes are nearly touching the ground, so dance with my never ending lust.
As her butt goes down and down, that melody also becomes slower and slower.
Until the legs spread wide open, entering the true movement of the music.
A hand of her moves like a touch from the void.
It comes cross the chest. Two soft but delicate tune.
Then sweeps though the abdomen, there stays the gentle jazz.
At last, fingers rub the low strings. The soprano opens her lips, and begins the solo.
Over her body there is a spot
full of emotion, beauty, and happiness.
Whenever she plays or just showes off it,
beautiful or touching music comes in and out of my heart......

14 Dec 18

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Awesome poem very an enjoyable read
 — Rossant

I'm glad you like it, Rossant.
 — Roc1Knight

no... no over my windows.
 — percocet

over your life adventure ok
 — percocet

sounds like you are waiting for kingdom hearts 3 as well
 — percocet

"so is the pulse of my temple."
 — percocet

u will have many kids and they will all be retarded
 — percocet

a hand of her touched the void that is me.
 — percocet

u dismissed it
 — percocet

I don't get it, percocet. And sorry, haven't heard kingdom hearts 3 until now.
 — Roc1Knight

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