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House Painter(1950)

Dad forever ready, lick of paint.
Japlac tin, sand it, sparse haired brush,
Filling in was putty in his hands,
alert to wear, tear, and its demands.
Our house became a touch up job.
Us? A pile of trouble, mum on top.
She stirred gravy, peeled potatoes,
Leftover’s tossed in large stock pot,
She cooked it then we swallowed the lot.
“Look!” she’d say then point.
He’d paint it right away.
As if anointing something sacred,
Smoothing over cracks while she was baking.
In kitchen drawer next owners found,
sheaves of paper tightly bound.
Dad’s plans shelved for rainy days,
rainbow coloured, inscribed in paint

4 Jan 19

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should mum = mom?
 — SkaaDee

Now see here shakadee my mom has always been my mum.

Larry mommy's boy Lark
 — larrylark