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i am so sorry but my tongue is a pencil and it
  ok   e
and fingers are too sausage  
on my android cock shocker.   ;
                                                    is that enuff?
sometimes you remind me of a haircut that
brushed away my sadness, clipper teeth and heat.
sometimes it’s enough that i’m a poodle and
i can make you smile in a bar,
  a word like a drink, orgasm o’ repeat.
one time there was carp and it beneath
your heart, stench bonnet, belch comet
come halley with bitch ya-ya’s  
i’d fuck you like a soft serve, i’d melt all over the
room and you’d be “eh, over so soon?”
back to carp:  the ancestral, a steaming bitch lasagna
                        in a pond  with
                        the australian summer,
                        im sweating
                        my balls are snowflakes nuzzled
                        into your butterfly.
           i’d come inside myself so i didn’t have to apology.
           i’d make you raise my children
           so that they could be better poems
           so that i could be with you.
i want to slobber on your lobster
    puke on you,
if you had a sorry bone i'd be rubbing
raw- bisque city, i'd meme you
till the internet
forgot me/made me dolly
i'd harpoon myself and crawl
   i'd shoot the clouds and
   shit downwind
i'd take you to the cinema
spend more than 40 dollars on ya.
   sometimes the lobsta
   would gross, grass, whatever
   tell you i sneaked into your bedsocks
   and pillowed my delivery.
   don;t cry, i;m sorry that  
   i want your warmth,
   that i would drown in your bath,
   my sick, or your indifference.
im sorry that i me;
semi, full or cheddar.

20 Jan 19

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ha! dirty blanket grows a pair but then hides them in the snow. Ifkn love it ❤️😎
 — jenakajoffer

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