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Grandpa Urine Cakes

walking home with my dog i passed the 6 story retirement home, the pharmacy, and the new pub that just that day had opened on the corner,

the streamers were still up,

there were lights,

the music was upbeat,

it was lunch,

the bar was full of people,
there was an old man hunched over his walker on the corner too,

he had a green windbreaker on, and underneath red flannel pajama bottoms,

and slippers,

I assumed he was on his way to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for diarrhea, or some sort of old geezer flu,

and he acted that scene out,
but as he passed the bar he feinted right then turned and made a beeline straight through the door,

a tricky old hockey player that,

the faces of the young and upwardly mobile patrons turned to shock as he bulldozed two young women out of his path and they came to the realization that their hip new hang out was in the act of being sabotaged by this disheveled old fart, with his head down, and his focus totally on a beer,

and for some reason, at that moment, I felt certain he wasn't wearing any underpants at all, 

and pretty good odds if you got close enough he smelled like urine cakes,

can you imagine their dilemma?

if they let him in how many more would come!

if I hadn't had my little dog with me I would have followed him to see how it all turned out,
I'm sure there was an escort back from where he'd come,
but the best part was done,

just to see the faces of the earnest staffers with their youthful patois and their eager to please attitudes,

just starting out at the brand new job,
and in comes old Bob,

like a piece of driftwood floating in from who knows where,

well, here's to you kids,

get used to it,

that's how it is.

3 Mar 19

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 — unknown

Love it...i went commando yesterday just to feel the breezy turbulence  drifting around my testicles while i swigged on a bottle of Colonel Shit's 100 % SG IPA. It would not have tasted the same  coming out of underpants that hadn't seen the washing machine for three weeks. Loved your poem.

Larry i am the breeze Lark
 — larrylark