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Saturday Morning Cartoons

It was Saturday morning just about noon
My 6-year-old son was watching cartoons,
My wife just left for the grocery store
I was outside doing my chores.
In front of the TV is where Johnny sat
Intensely watching Sylvester the cat.
He did this for an hour or more
Then suddenly exited from the front door.
Out of the house, Johnny ran to me
With excitement in his eyes that wasn’t hard to see,
He said to me as a matter of fact
“I want a puddy tat.”
With some satisfaction I told him that
“Mommy is allergic to puddy tats,
Her eyes will water, her nose will run
And soon after that she’ll be a sick son of a gun.”
Johnny seemed confused by what I'd just said
When I saw a light bulb turn on in his head,
He looked at me with his “Keane” blue eyes
Asking, “can we get one when mommy dies?”
I wanted to tell this story to my wife
But I knew I couldn't if I valued my life.
She would think I was lying right off the bat
Just so I could get Johnny a puddy tat.

4 Mar 19

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