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leaves float through the air
sticking to the damp windshield of my speeding car
midnight music vibrates through my body
broken glass.
bruised hearts.
bloody noses.
the painful yet provocative notes echo against the dented car doors
lights of unfamiliar cities blur my vision
cold black tires roll across the crumbling cement
melodious thunder cracks the thin glass windows separating reality and illusion
the intoxicatingly dark clouds stare into my flaming blue eyes
I stare back.
luminous constellations bounce off the navy skies
my frantic thoughts are like exploding stars.
my wandering spirit is a magnificent supernova.

17 Mar 19

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u want to drive into a wall
that's bad
 — percocet

u get u first
 — percocet

here's where the man wins
 — percocet

so we have anti driving into walls laws because of u
 — percocet

i can drive into a wall with a purpose, u cant.
 — percocet

stare back
 — percocet