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you can't stop me from listening to the curve of the earth becky, your shoes are fucking hideous

sorry again, i know you said the thrumming was too much
but i knew johnny from back when he was a boy, and all he
wanted to do was spend time with the strangers on the street,
those walking the beating heart of our town
our town that exists / doesn't exist in the outer in-between,
that functions the same as a superstore, a department store haven,
not for the masses nor for the lasses and not the lads either,
just for little johnny and his amp and his violin named viola
yes, he's aware of the wordplay
but he wants it to be true, of course, the thrumming - it's not
real for anyone else and the large, emptied aisles are too much
for him; he's got the weathered leather squeaking in his inner thighs
like a lost relative seeking companionship at the bottombank
all he wants is for it to be real / not real, but all you wish for is
the cease and desisting of the thrumming drumming.

17 Mar 19

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before i go on i read "beat" instead of beating- does that work for you.
 — DeformedLion

it all works for me, i think.
 — ARedLetter