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Prejudice Red

Remember that face on the dating app.
that screamed  "Stay away."
Speaking for myself as a "liberal" male
in a day and age when my sap grows old,
I wouldn't have touched a barge pole with him.
This scathing assessment, as ever.
based on the not so clever prejudice
only half blown away, ever seeking a return.
I never liked bright red suites.
Blue? Yes. with a subdued shirt, tie, brightly polished shoes.
She did, however, meet him in a high end bar,
and later i went as far as to ask "How was the date?"
(if that what it was)
Casually sucking a throat lozenge she drawled,
"He was pretty cute,but fatally flawed.
Sucked his drink through a cocktail straw,
spoke for an hour on canal root surgery."
so she won't be seeing him no more.
I always knew he was rotten to the core.
Right down to the sores on his bright red gums.

18 Mar 19

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