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Bank Loan

I would like to thank you
for all the help you've given.
Stopped us from being driven destitute.
Securing a loan,1,000 pounds,
bringing our monthly payments down,
suites us down to the ground,
saves us around a hundred a month,
makes the bank double,
what a cunning stunt.
Fundementally your just a cheating cunt,
but my my my ,right now i feel fine,
wearing my brand new ermine tie,
shiney racoon hat,
diamond stud in ear,
just what i needed.
I bow to you sir,your a real tonic;
now i can afford the gin.
Praise be to your staff,
for making me laugh once more.
We feel like winners
in this material world,
sprawled across the canvas floor
of our two berth tent.
Stick a tenner
over the hole in the roof dear.
Whats it worth when its only money?

21 Jul 04

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with a title like this
i'm hoping for redemption.

read on.

suites us? 3 piece? smile.
maybe it's an american thing?
well suites are sofarish spelt like that.
i got distracted by the neighbour.

read on

devine use of triple my. pause. while i hug it.
and much clothin lovin.
(the background detail would explain the laughter)

16 you're. tsk.

almost good.
the first half is strong
the latter half takes more getting used to.

i loved the detail you supplied
but everything around is rushed.
why waste time rushing when you can supply detail.
don't be a dupe to only short gets read
and if you're not duped
expand more.
with detail like that
there is much mmm promised
 — kaleidazcope

And theres me thinking the devil's in the detail and the art is to leave 'em guessing and wanting more ,just like a bank manager i guess
 — unknown

Nice comment on the ups and downs of life! Also, how people can pretend to be doing well even when they're not. Being a social worker I could always understand the guy who lives in a slum but has a big screen TV or a Mustang to drive around.
 — wamblicante

you're a stunning cunt larry eatin at the Y lark
 — noodleman

Dear Noodleman

Can't stop must fly ,the bank loan has worn out ,the gin is  gone ,my ermine tie is helping to hold up the tent,I swapped my racoon hat for a bag of marbles ,and the tenner blew away in a high wind so the rains coming in again. I've an appointment with a loan shark round the back of the Fleece public house to pay him his latest instalment but what the fuck its only money. Thanks for reading your a top man.

Larry pennies from heaven Lark
 — larrylark