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is my very own
my ipsissimosity
my very own
in my own way
thanks f.n.
for the coin

23 Jul 04

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what does ipsissimosity mean?
 — unknown

were you trying to spell "mississippi"?
 — unknown

i think you probably ipsissimissed the point
 — unknown

ha! funny unknown..
 — hank

awe-sum.  Hurray for Nietzsche.  It's good to see that I wasn't the only one tickled by the coinage ^^

 — unknown

Nerds for Nietzsche.

 — unknown

i'm confused
 — unknown

confused...Nietzsche's word....but shan't find it in a dict. Latin origin, ispe 'self', viz.  ipso facto, ipse dixit, eo ipso, ipseity. I must own, ipsissimosity sounds better poetically than ipseity.
 — unknown

 — unknown

I think this'd be good if I had any clue what the fuck it meant. But, hey, you're probably smarter than I am.
 — unknown

Download Answers.com toolbar and you will never need to ask for word meanings again. BTW, I wager you encountered this word in Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil; or perhaps in an essay about Leo Strauss?
 — unknown

autistic but striking... makes me want to have wild sex with the author
 — unknown

what does ipsissimosity mean?
see line 1, 3 & 4
 — unknown

hank is awesome.
 — unknown

I tugged my weary fingers to dictionary.com. I was asked if I wanted "opossums." I think hank owes us an explanation. k?
 — unknown

ipssisimous is the gay cousin of the hippopotamous


 — unknown

it pissesm'o   ff
 — unknown

hahahahahaha - i have nothing to say about the poem, but nice one unknown, lol
 — unknown

ipsissimous is in a dictionary. new york public.
 — hank

yeh, right. The Myth of Ipsissimous
 — unknown

ohh. a camus fan!
 — hank

This poem inspired me. I don't know how many dictionaries ( both online + off) I consulted. Thank you for the poem, Hank. It's lines 6+7 which have me bugabooed. Ipsissim(o)us makes me yearn to write about  my ouroboros.

Perfect poem

 — borntodance

If Nietzche coined it, how is it yours?  ( Ipsi dixit)

 — unknown

NIce fantasy made up word poem.

Larry pissinpot Lark
 — larrylark