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(my) Religion is

all of the above.

12 Aug 04

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Come on!  This is not fair at all.  Substance, how about???
 — Isabelle5

How is this different from the three line poems other people write based on one or two puns or wordplays?
 — unknown

I don't understand it, that's what's different.  :)  I'm too tired to have to figure it out today.  Spoon feed me.  

Okay, I get it.  Just had to read it several times.  Now I see that it's really short and tight and darned good.
 — Isabelle5

i dont get it?
 — unknown

Wait a second... "Tight"?  The reason it's tight is there's only one part to it.  If it was a machine it'd be a wedge.  There's no way it could be anything other than tight.  Even if it was a really-great four words and a title, it should still be rated far less than a pretty-good poem of thirty or forty lines.
 — unknown

i get it. that is kind of depressing. I understand what you are trying to say though. This is really clever. (8)
 — peanut

I can understand why people don't want to rate this but it's very clever.  It takes a lot of imagination to pack a lot into just a few words.  Again, it isn't The Great American Novel, it's a cute tiny poem.  Maybe we should call it a PO since it's so small.    I stand by my 7, not comparing it to anything but itself.
 — Isabelle5

(my) comment is

all of the above.

and, bravo.
 — unknown

i give it a one, because you're a fuck hole, and two, it sucks.there
 — stainedsteal

stainedsteal, do you have turet's?
 — hank

ahh... this is refreshing. (to a girl who studies theology)
 — thirdeyris

Great poem Hank

This should be read at religious gatherings everywhere to those still stupid enough to attend

Larry holy ghost Lark
 — unknown

brilliant. my religion is e) as well.
 — ollylama

pretty cool, pretty smart...lol
 — crazy

haha...all of the above...as in "heaven above," right?

At least this is how I understand it.  
 — LauraLea2

 — lyom

thank you for this.
 — varun

I get it! yeah. thanks. good piece....
 — Trish77

sky gaze much?
 — unknown

I like.
 — 9