clear blue stuff

Your eyes an ocean spray;
Clear blue fun. Imposing
and foaming
Sands hotter than hell
My hands, water. A burst of
salt on my skin.
A shell, convoluted
highly complex, intricate
Occasionally devious.
Warm devilry, and slivery drift wood.

The crowing clear blue of your eyes
is a commendation, I’ve made you happy
I’ve made you smile.
It’s the first time in short, little
while that I turned your head,
your eyes lit up.
Like I did something right and so is
the world for a moment.
My hands are dripping wet
with sea water.
And you’re a fool, with me, again.
Somehow I brought you back to me awhile.
I can see a clear blue green road
for miles

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  1. Fuck yeah. This elicits a beautiful scene in my mind …that said, I do think there is a teensy bit of fat that could be trimmed…. and with *that* said, I also think that you wrote it exactly how you wanted, every single word.