Where am I
But standing right here
Armed with capital letters
Wishing I had a beer
Or two
Or three

Nightmares last night still haven’t
left me
As I was the rain
And hum every note to Everlong
in my brain
Along with the phone

My only source of music
My only combative essence
Cause my hands
Can not kill such pain I feel

In my heart
A beat is steady
My eyes reel
I roll them to relax
And roll cigarettes to smile
Green and purple
Lucky to a Tauren
Like me

And I wonder when I
sing along with you
If anything could ever be
this real for real
Just don’t stop when I
say when
And that’s the only thing I’ll ever ask of you

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  1. Another beautiful delivery.
    Are you singing with someone specific or with the idea of someone you liked listening to over the phone?
    Also, is the topic of ‘singing’ actually a metaphor for something else?

    1. “when i sing along with you” is an allusion to a lyric in a song i like, and someone else i knew liked, someone who i lost. and this poem is written in a time of grief for that loss.

  2. i was originally gonna say i could do without the last stanza just because the song is so iconic and i was already reading the whole piece in rhythm to the song.

    but now that i think about it, that last bit that quotes the song directly was a super goosebump moment for me when the music in my head lined up with the words on the page. very well done