inspiration anew

You have one foot in the water
And one foot on the land, today.
Kneeling by a small blue pool
that looks full, of sapphires,
in the sun.
Jewels that can’t be out-done, by any one
lone sapphire
wrapped in any silver wire.
Flashy labradorite can’t go up against
its shine,
nor any sparkling yellow goldmine.
The water here is crystalline so as to
transmit light; an energizing sight
to behold. Something likened to the metal,
in brightness, preciousness, superiority,
It is a very positive omen
with the upright Star.

A silver jug in each arm,
Your right hand
pouring liquid in the water.
Such lush land is your daughter.
Something so green signifies it’s working,
nourishing the cycle of fertility.
I see that you have been looking for a little
piece of tranquility
Well, now is the time.
This day will have you reacting
like an enzyme.

With the container in your left hand,
pouring liquid on the land, in five rivulets.
Signifying the senses,
the best of which is touch, though I warn you,
Never clutch, to something you can’t
Eventually hold.
Today brings clarity,
and the scent of marigolds.
You are entering a peaceful and loving
phase in your life,
You will understand better yourself
and those around you.
You will find a sense of contentment,
and inspiration anew.

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