Magnesium and poppies

I’m a lynx cub, organic and bobtailed.
You are meant to be inhaled, like the vapos.
Full of heavy metals, you are dangerous.
You are arsenic and chromium.
A brittle star on opium.
A paroxysm of the cosmos, an explosion

Inside you are little bits of glitter, swirling around.
The nova comes down.
I count the limes and pinks within its hues.
You are Jackson Pollock when he spews.
thing for the seas is chronic.
The ones I’m talking about are pythonic.
Inconceivably vast. Energizing us like chloroplast,
Eating whole galaxies.
The hollow lumen of a needle empties..
Fills your veins of saline.
These oceans, they are vast and clean.

Lithium and tourmaline, I am shiny and
Tumbled, clear blue-green.
Find me sitting on the shoreline, 
in solitude and crystalline. A specimen. 
A jar of clear fahr-water, cold Kentucky moonshine.
I am the mountain’s daughter, genuine and borderline.

I hope you’re well, and not too jittery.
I hope like Hell you don’t hate me.
When it makes you think of us,
you’ll sit beneath a tree. Rattling.
I’ll be Nina, I’ll be your little girl for fun.
You’re a piece of agate, full of swirls, translucent
in the sun.
Magnesium and poppies, we are flowers and metal.
Silver leaves and red petals.

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