Morphine peaches and honey

Morphine, it’s peaches and honey
I feel as heavy as the setting sun
And my heart, deformed by the left lung
Strung up on a little piece of twine
I associate a piece latchstring
With the opening of my mind

And I like to let my money amass,
spend my time in the orchard grass
Look at how the time can pass
Keeping quiet like a little newt
Quick and firm, so resolute
When it rains I’m in the yard
But when I die I’m brown and hard

And I’m always changing
And this life, I’m rearranging
I’ll go back to my home-waters to die
Like a little red sockeye

It’s peaches, honey, everything I can smell
Some people take morphine until they die
I took it in one Hell of a way
And for today, I bid this world goodbye

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