Living in past summations,
your art can be a stepping stone

for the wide expanse
that is humanity.

You may feel a lot
in your memories.
You may feel the heavy
rose color of nostalgia.

There’s always a longing.
A longing for home.
It’s a complicated thing and
we want

and need the hope.
Trying to feel it,
make of it what you can.
Try and open yourself up
to a world of chaos

that can conquer anyone.

Or just a poem.
A song.

I make of it what I can
because I care about the potential
of every future moment.
Maybe I care too much,

but nostalgia is a powerful thing to me.

Just an old song I like.
Just words I speak.

Help me see the complexity of
a collective unconscious
unfolding the expansive drama
of our world;

and all of the memories we feel.
It’s important we create the world

through our best moments.

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      1. Odin, I appreciate your words of encouragement, and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. Thank you for reading. I appreciate the tip for page breaks too. It’s good to be back on PC, and I’m glad we’re able to connect with our poetry.