i know you

light & heavy- pursuit dark- pulse blank
look back  shiver

sow you
after night- paleheart- brave as

quick lit

.  i know salmon. her name. his.

. basket came. came here,

say i said
ambar instead of amps
or putrid instead of pearlescent
oh see how they mouth
like stupi
like cows
and there he may be: by the mayflower
his daughter picked up like cotton   smiling
like curtains do, her name like ten fingers
wrapped around his brain, and he calls.

she isn’t like a daughter anymore.
left in a van going to the highway, i think they say
the sky rushes out from her eyes,
wide enough horizons.

 but don't smoke cigarettes ok?

the first boy shoved his tongue in like a racecar,
i don’t think i really cared, she likes girls now,
women and two minute phone calls.

why am i even watching her, writing her down, feeling the god of me suffer, palsy; half-carcass; poemwurm.

say sails
say everything beautiful,
wrists over bathtub

warm candles flicker off water.

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