dead spirit
mirrors within

corpse words
thoughts you can’t construct
a whole reality

your own
thought process
a jagged distress

I see so much who I’m trying to be

I wanted it all
wanted everything for myself

no matter what I speak
fragmented speech
unable to reach
a new path to take

I’m trying to spirit it
make my reflections
my contemplations

chaotic streak

said so weak

thought pattern
deep vision within

giant Jupiter heart

I want more I
want more
want it all
thoughts I can’t tolerate
the way I fixate

no way to relate
to my reflection
obsession with

so much I can’t feel
or see
or think

a deadly pattern
my eyes like Saturn
vision painted
in my mirror world moon mind
mirror mind

my heart painted black
this track this path

a dead oath
too much I have lost
mouth a void
mind a blackhole

but light creates everything
so I experience

contemplative death a pure path
my eyes like light
yet hope is taken out of my soul to kill

my dark moon face
deep dark eyes
bitter brutal skies

reflected in my mind
I’m torn
by too much circumstance
or deadly form
bleeding storm

feeling everything always
feeling everything
I see who I am
in reflective pools of silver water

in my mere mind mirror nightmare.

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