The Quantum Uncertainty of the Nagapushpam

If you need a metaphor
for your life, consider
the nagapushpam,
the snake-flower, cobra-
flower, god-flower,

that, according to the internet
blooms once every 36 years.

Naga, meaning snake in Sanskrit,
The Great Snake. A deity.

Consider the feathered shape,
the ungainly quill sown
firmly in a hermitage
of Himalayan undergrowth.

The darkness behind
is a quantum
the uncertainty
of the jungle,
who has bowered her
in his limbs.

In the darkness, something
moves. In that movement,
particle and wave,
you are drawn
to its depths

now so clearly thalassic
not arboreal.

There is no nagapushpam.
No Himlayan flower,

Not plant, but animal,
the sea pen, a coral,
in the fathoms,
carnivorous and

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