A Steady Hand

It has been a while
since I have bled
Laying open these thoughts and frustrations
As I remind the man in the mirror
every morning
Be grateful
You’ve been through hell

Like a fox eluding the hounds
They scavenge the woods
It’s scent is under every blackberry bush
No critter
Only the soft echo of past eerie sounds
I know it’s there
If I can only touch it
Caress the inspiration
To shed what is left of me on this blank canvas
but with every distraction
it fades further into the mist
A small bird jumping from the bush
It disappears between the thorns as it chases

Chases what?
An insect?
My dreams!
It’s chasing my dreams.

A sudden overwhelming urgency
I need to share
I need this out
It cannot all have been for nothing
It needs to be something
but it hurts
Is it the only way
for them to remember
by reading the memories
by bleeding those emotions
but oh God the children
God save the children
protect their fragile minds
Maybe it’s not such a bad thing
for the fox to escape this time
Sheltered by the very thorns
that is intimidating these thoughts

A gentle thin line of sunlight illuminates the mist
“Careful now.
Steady My son
Have I not promised you,
that you will never again want for anything?
Be grateful
You’ve been through hell.”

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