Like dinosaurs

I went looking for you today
Searching our bright blue sky
that we could play
on your beach
Just like yesterday
but as my sun was setting
there was still no sign
of you

Why is it that I could not find you?
Where were you hiding?
Was it something I said?
Maybe something I did?
Or was it the enemy?
The one you so feared?
Did he kidnap your babies
and take you from your sky?
Or did you go seek paradise
a more safer place
to die?

Oh I miss seeing you!
I am not interested in just
a picture of you!
Maybe I am just jealous
of your sudden fame
Strange that you had to go missing
to earn this personal gain
Authors will write many books
and scholars and professors will study them
They will probably blame the ecology
when a mirror
would show them an enemy!

I went looking for you today
Soaring through this lonely sky
Longing for the comfort
of your companionship
but as your ocean
drowns my setting sun
turning now
into yesterday
there was still no sign
of you

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