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Poetry Critical 2.0

Hey guys, Donald here.

In a few weeks, this site will be 9 years old. 9 years! And I still know some of the earliest submissions by heart.

But, boy. That’s like 102 in web-years. So it’s time for something new. I’m building that something now with my nights-and-weekend minutes (and plenty of coffee). Buy me a cup?

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Random Poem:

A Leftist's Psalm in the New World Order

They dance to the beat of his war drum
They howl to his deceptive platitudes like the dark side of the moon
They follow him or else they submerge into the national cauldron of apathy
They dance to the beat of his war drum
But I am motionless to the battle hymns of senseless war
I break through the skins of his drum with a fist of bitter resistance;
I resist because I am bitter and I am bitter because I love
It is indeed contradiction, so are emotions being chased down by rationalization
I refuse to wrap myself in the oppressive fabric of red, white, and blue
I refuse to sing your anthems and recite your pledge and stand and sit for your leader
Yet I refuse to leave your country because your nationalism does not define the land
I refuse dance to the beat of his war drum
To pay the price of wars waged to conquer humanity for profit
I refuse to stand behind you as you rape the Middle East
As you conduct daily raids in Iraqi villages as you did in Vietnam, hunting down the Vietcong
Now you hunt for Sunni and Shiite Rebels who want nothing more than sovereignty
But you are an occupation force just as oppressive as their former dictator
That which you call democracy cannot be afforded to a people through brute military coercion
Serves you right to see your countrymen and their dead bodies being dragged through the streets in a foreign land that they arrogantly assumed was theirs to police
Liberators don’t massacre women and children, reducing their homes, and cities, and families to rubble and ash  
I refuse to support your colonial ploys as you militarily press forward to envelop the globe for profit and power
As you ecologically exploit earth of her fruitfulness
As you exploit the Third World nations for their cheap labor
As you export arms to right-wing insurgents for profit and power
As you topple democracies in Latin America, muffling the democratic voices of the people with screams of bullets from your barrels;
From Chile and now in Haiti the people’s voices are silenced by a few elite executives and bureaucrats and policy-makers in Washington
I refuse to stand beside you as you illegally occupy foreign lands
I refuse to wear the badge of this corrupt world police state
I refuse to surrender humanity to your pathetic prying patriotism
I refuse to listen and be lied to by your corporate-state-run news
I refuse to keep my dissent unspoken when you crush popular movements,
When you support brutal dictators in the name of right-wing, imperialistic, racist, bigoted, corporate-friendly, and essentially undemocratic doctrines
I refuse to stand with you as you implement the racist and police state designs of your Patriot Act
As you speak vehemently against terrorism even as you harbor thousands of anti-Castro Cuban terrorists in Miami - terrorists on the CIA payroll
As you show nothing but disregard for human rights and international law, calling that body which represents the International Community as being “irrelevant”
As you accuse Cuba of human rights violations when you know full well that the only place in Cuba where one is guaranteed not to get a fair trial is in Guantanamo Bay
I refuse to be complacent as you back with arms and money the racist, apartheid state of Israel, waging massacres throughout Gaza, the West Bank and Golan Heights with high-tech weaponry and wondering why another desperate suicide bomber has set himself off in Tel Aviv
I refuse to be proud of America as Christian fundamentalist zealots like Bush and Ashcroft attempt to bind church and state, establishing an effectively powerful nexus to dictate sexual orientation - discriminating against the deviants and limiting the control women have over their own bodies
I cringe at your cries for blind patriotism when you intentionally incite civil unrest in oil-rich Venezuela, hoping to overthrow a government that dares to put the livelihoods of its own people before U.S. economic interests
I refuse to dance to the beat of your war drums aligned in a pentagon-figured form
Floating as fragments of agencies and departments and forts nebulously scattered about the Beltway
Spitting fire kindled through underhanded legislation for profit and power
And the Southern Hemisphere is faltering from famine for the fascist, neo-conservative, moneyed-interests of men who live for the furtherance of global market liberalization and monopolization for some insidious International Monetary Fund subservient to transnational corporations that rally governments to crush Zapatista uprisings
I refuse to heed to the words of a president whose clique was conceived out of the ideological think-tank of some Project for a New American Century
A nefarious agenda laced and labeled in euphemisms
I refuse to listen to any governmental authority when the federal budget lavishes the military-industrial-complex in the thousands of billions
I refuse to abide by a system of laws that can incarcerate political prisoners like Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, the Cuban 5, the Angola 3, the MOVE 9
I refuse to proudly gaze upon a flag that isn’t burning
I refuse to quiet my rage when My Lai massacres are being committed the world over, either by American hands or with American weapons or through American funds
We need an exorcist to expel the ghosts of Nixon and Reagan haunting government chambers or a demolition team to lay those chambers into dust
An arsonist to burn the piles and files of papers onto which evil men exercise their wickedness
An anarchist to loot New York City and send Washington up in flames
I refuse to swallow the propaganda of hawkish, jingoistic politicians and corporate-controlled political pundit puppets
To allow the system to cast a fog over the truth about its atrocities
To allow them to coverup the 9-11 holocaust rendered and likely made possible through Bush Administration complicity owing the tragedy was for future political exploitation and as a means to bury the lies in heaps of rubble
I refuse to dance to the beat of your war drum
And your drums will be drowned out when my refusal I express through unabashed resistance
Only Peace and Justice will sound off of the skins of my drum
Only a revolutionary could follow my beat
Only a revolution could follow my seditious rhythm
Only humanistic, Chomskyan anarcho-syndicalism would bleed from my tongue
And by the doing of Revolution your drums will come to an abrupt silence
Your hands severed so all your drumming undone
Peace will be realized when justice, through revolution, is done

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