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Poetry Critical 2.0

Hey guys, Donald here.

In a few weeks, this site will be 9 years old. 9 years! And I still know some of the earliest submissions by heart.

But, boy. That’s like 102 in web-years. So it’s time for something new. I’m building that something now with my nights-and-weekend minutes (and plenty of coffee). Buy me a cup?

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Random Poem:

desperately offended

excuse me
is what you're really saying's
that you can't handle this?
or you dont wanna deal with it
i knew before we started
this would be a mess
but don't leave me miss
we both cry ourselves to sleep
but we have it all in our dreams
i thought we'd finally found our stride
i thought we found a place
with him still being your guy
you kept me at arms reach
and watched me fall
i know we're shaken and stirred
but this won't dissolve
i know you're in love
but love tortures us all
loving someone doesn't mean
giving up your life
i know i scare you hun
i have to live with me too
i know what its like to be afraid
i know what its like to drag through days
i've kissed lips that tasted cold
and breathed breath that spun my world
i've broken hearts and crushed souls
i regret that to this day
but what doesn't feel right shouldn't remain
so you've made it me or him
you've calculated and dialed a plan in
that will keep you free of guilt and sin
but can you really never think of me again
am i a problem you can ignore?
am I the problem? (nope)
there isn't a problem
though you've been told there is
learn to live for you
before you get too old and miss
whats truly beautiful about
human emotions churning out
unreasonable doubt
lingering like a bad taste in your mouth
i saw you reaching out so i kissed on your pinkies
the other eight fingers stretching out longingly
palms reaching for my cheeks
arms reaching for my waist
eyes open and bliss don't mix
go with what your gut feeling is
don't take this twisted miss
if you wanna keep playing the hand you dealt yourself
keep going all chips in
i'm sure you'll get used to the lack of swing in things
of dead flesh begging to flush
of hairs that will never stand on end
of words that don't melt your soul
of looks that keep you in your clothes
'just tell me
are you succumbing to the cold?
are you thrown in the towel
are you resigned to a life spent crying in the shower
whats the matter babe? soap in your eyes again?
yeah everythings the same old same
what makes you blossom, flower?
does he sing to you cause he means it
does he float on your words
has he tasted what your fingers have to offer?
i cant remember a thing
love blurred the lines between
when i felt your hair on my neck
while you kissed my chest
and when i said goodbye
sat in my car for an hour
trying to leave you right there
now i'm wishing i never left
what if i spilled our beans
maybe he'd have let us help fix him up
maybe he's looking for an out too
maybe he wants to take the hat off that bitch he kissed right in front of me
acting like 3 seconds lips locked is how old friends should be
we were walking to meet you
(if you think real hard you'll realize when this was
you were ahead waiting for us
oh youre cute with all that trust
oh its funny thinking that just cause around you he dont know how to act
that other bitches aint flopping to their knees
cause trust me hun they see the same things that you see
but being underdeveloped in no need of a real man to make love
he can satisfy their needs)
that temporary loss of balance glancing over his shoulder as we walked away
said it all and he noticed me noticing
so i swore my lips were sealed but still i type away
and though I love being deceitful
it was never my intention for shit to go down this way  
justsoyouknow  (this whole verse is very much almost completely a fabrication)
thats the only reason i thought we should play
thats why i thought you deserved to stray
i was hoping it would help you to shape the way you think
to realize that your dreams dont have to stay your dreams
that if he can have his fucking cake and shove it down your face
that you can taste the world too rethink decisions you've made
youre like a frantic fawn
looking for a way through the forest
followed the first young buck to show you where the heart is
but you're too naive to get what you need
to thank him for the ride and say its time that you leave
im uncomfortable
join me
i hope the words i say haunt you when you sleep
i hope you dont defriend me and these aren't my last words you read
i hope you realize we're all wrestling with being
i hope you value me and understand the meaning
of strangers interactions a draw thats unimaginable
not knowing you now is unfathomable
i know i've said a lot but i'm not expecting a reaction
don't forget what youre giving up thats all I'm asking

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