Summer’s lost

Winter draws another close,
to what was just her unexpected start.
Even with more discrepancies than most,
we once or twice shared a pavement.

Finding solace in two cold homeless hearts.

Now she finds me longing for what I’ve lost in the summer sun.
To self-absorbed in the world while he was reigning.
Got caught up in some changes, trails and successes.
‘Well done’ pats, to break my back, for where I was failing.

Henceforth I will strive for serenity.
Winter my love, bare patience for a lonely heart?
Summer’s lost, along with my apathy.
Woe unto me for not doing my part!

Take this promise and be the wiser, Winter my dear.
For as sure as the Magnolia will bloom, come spring,
that you are dearer to me than a fair maidens’ virtue.
For like a tree gets ready for a coming storm,
just so I will anchor my roots into you.

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